100% FREE Data entry jobs in India

Almost everyone with a computer and spare time wants to do a data entry job, but very few genuine data entry jobs are available. Most of the advertised data entry jobs are business opportunities which require an "investment" and few people recover their investment

Most offline data entry work is available for local vendors only, since it convenient for the company outsourcing the data entry work to drop off and collect the papers containing the data to be entered.

A few companies outsource online data entry work, but there is a lot of competition for this work and the rates are very low.  A little more skill is required for other clerical work like data conversion, but the payment offered is usually higher.

  • Free Online Data entry job in 2022 - PAYMENT PROOF -low minimum payout of $0.25, no investment required, no penalties, work from home
  • Free Online Data entry job in 2021 - low minimum payout of $0.5, no investment required, no penalties, no fake court cases, ideal due quarantine, self isolation, lockdown in India, work from home
  • Top online data entry, captcha typing - top online data entry,accurate captcha recording, no additional investment required
  • Captcha Typers - review, online data entry jobs, no investment, no penalties, no court cases, payment in indian bank account, low minimum payout of $1, 2captcha.com alternative
  • KolotiBablo - review, online data entry, available in Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, 2captcha.com alternative
  • Online business data entry - online business data entry, no investment required, higher rates than captcha typing
  • Online Data entry scams in 2020 - fake cases, extortion, blackmail, mental torture in India for doing captcha typing or form filling work at home
  • Get paid to read emails in 2021 - low minimum payout of $0.02, no investment required, no penalties, work from home
  • Ad, link posting work - Simple work, low minimum payout of Rs 60 only, regular work available, no investment required
  • Free Online Data entry job in 2020 - low minimum payout of $0.5, no investment required, no penalties, no fake court cases, ideal due quarantine, self isolation, lockdown in India, work from home to avoid coronavirus covid19 infection
  • Online Data entry job in 2018 - low minimum payout of $0.5, no investment required
  • Online Data entry job in 2017 - low minimum payout of $0.5, no investment required
  • Online Data entry job in 2016 - low minimum payout of $0.5
  • Online Data entry job in 2015 - update review, no skills required
  • Offline Data entry job in 2014 - no investment or joining fee needed
  • Local Data entry jobs , various towns and cities, no investment or joining fee needed
  • Guide to data entry jobs Guide to finding genuine data entry jobs
  • Non working Online Data entry websites - review, new online data entry, captcha solving website for Indians no longer working
  • Online Data entry jobs available for Indians
  • Offline data entry, DTP jobs for Indians (compiled from various sources)

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