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Inspired by the ntro/raw/cbi Rs 15 lakh annual online fraud on the online publisher owning this website since 2010, a large number of businesses are extorting large amounts of money ranging from Rs 6900 to Rs 72102 (or more) from thousands of indian citizens, after threatening them with fake cases and ruining the career. Usually students are being targetted with this fraud

This online data entry is ideal for those harassed or getting money demands for quality score being below 90% from
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Since the indian government is itself involved in a work at home fraud since 2010, falsely claiming that high status LIAR FRAUD raw/cbi employees like greedy gujju stockbroker asmita patel, gsb housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, goan bhandari sunaina chodan,indore robber deepika, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, siddhi mandrekar, who do no computer work for foreign clients, do not spend any money on domains, own the domains, websites ( including this one) of a private citizen, cheating the real domain investor owning this website of Rs 15 lakh annually, a large number of businesses like Zenith solutions, Honey Technology, Equinox, Unicorn services, Freelancer forms are also following the footsteps of the raw/cbi employees in finding fault and making huge profits without doing any kind of work.

All these companies are threatening thousands of indian citizens with fake cases, and demanding money from them leading to a large number of complaints online. These companies are demanding Rs 6900 or more from indian citizen, or threatening a court case, which will destroy their career. Due to corruption, nepotism, indian intelligence, security agencies are not taking action action these businesses. So to help indian citizens who want to make some money without being penalized or threatened with court cases, online data entry jobs are the simplest way to earn money online without investment, especially for those who do not have good writing skills, or whose mails/correspondence are stolen by security and intelligence agencies, falsely claiming national security, making it difficult to earn any money online or offline.

Unlike the fraud government employees who are getting a salary despite doing no work online, only because they have powerful relatives, friends, lies and cheating, making money online is not simple .In contrast to PTC websites, for captcha data entry jobs, the income depends on the data entry speed, and the person doing the data entry faster and more accurately will earn more money in a shorter period of time. While there are many captcha solving websites, most of them only sell their services to webmasters, and do not allow users to signup to earn revenue.

For 6-7 years, the domain investor was complaining that fake cases , fake allegations were made against her without any proof, that she was not allowed to defend herself, yet the intelligence and security agency employees refused to believe her, instead trusting and rewarding the frauds making fake allegations without any proof. This attitude of the government employees has encouraged the blackmailers and extortionists so they are filing cases against a large number of indian citizens, all over india, and extortioning money.
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