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Online data entry jobs - KolotiBablo no investment required
As advertising revenues for almost all ad networks have reduced to a fraction of the rate a few years ago, online data entry jobs are the simplest way to earn money online without investment, especially for those who do not have good writing skills, or whose mails/correspondence are stolen by security and intelligence agencies, falsely claiming national security, making it difficult to earn any money online or offline. For paid to click jobs, the internet user has to view the ad for some time, which may be as much as thirty seconds depending on the admin of the PTC website,and are not reliable. Kindly note that no indian government employee is associated with this website though ntro , intelligence,security agency officials are falsely claiming lazy greedy jeans clad sex bribe queens, housewives and other frauds like asmita patel, goan gsb frauds housewife riddhi nayak, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, obc bhandari slut bsc sunaina, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, veena, naina, ruchika king, deepika and other frauds own this website to waste indian tax payer money paying them a monthly salary.
Unlike the fraud government employees who are getting a salary for doing no work online, only having sex with top officials in India, lies and cheating, making money online is not simple In contrast to PTC websites, for captcha data entry jobs, the income depends on the data entry speed, and the person doing the data entry faster and more accurately will earn more money in a shorter period of time. While there are many captcha solving websites, most of them only sell their services to webmasters, and do not allow users to signup to earn revenue.
KolotiBablo is a relative lesser known website for Online data entry as anyone can signup to solve captcha and earn money from for online data entry in 2016. It has been advertised using email marketing and relatively few reviews are available at present. Signup on this website is relatively simple. They have promised a minimum payout of $0.5 is the same as the 2captcha minimum of $0.5, payable through Paypal or to the Indian bank account. However for users with revenue from referrals, they have increased the minimum payout to $10 which is rather high.
The user interface is clutter free, no graphics, and website will open quickly. During review for simple captcha solved, the rate offered was $0.00004. As the number of captchas solved increased, the complexity of the captcha available also increased. .
KolotiBablo website will list the current statistics for captcha solving,including number of captchas solved, users online, and usually time taken on an average will be about 8 seconds per captcha Those with a high speed internet connection can complete 1000 captchas in one hour according to a review Minimum payout amount $0.5 with webmoney, bitcoin and other options Ideal for those who do not have a Paypal account or whose Paypal account has been disabled. They have stopped paying through Paypal and offer payment using Payza, Webmoney, PerfectMoney .
Captcha solving will be ideal for those who want to earn money without any skills, for students with free internet at college, and those with an inexpensive reliable fast internet connection, Indians who need help to convert the payment to Indian rupees or any other help for data entry work in 2017, without any investment, can contact at and . Websites similar to 2Captcha, KolotiBablo interested in outsourcing data entry, captcha solving work to low cost indian workers, can also contact for a free review on the data entry job website,
Some other websites for earning extra money for Indians with no investment are Paid to login and Spice2mail
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